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Professional juggler, personal trainer to the stars, and founder, president and CEO of Moxie Games takes his love of food and fasting to the extremes by starving himself for several days at a time before eating some of the most fabulous and unhealthy food the world has to offer.

Part food show, part exercise and nutrition, part juggling, part food porn, part talk show, and part comedy – this show really needs to decide which demographic it’s trying to attract.


The Moxie Games
The two programs that aired on ESPNU on August 8th, 2017. Moxie Games Episode 1 featuring Headis, the World Juggling Federation, Venom Pool Trick Shots, Rock Paper Scissors, Sepak Takraw, and One on Five Dodge Juggle. Hosted by Penn Jillette. We also created a Dodge Juggle Special Edition program for ESPN, highlighting team Dodge Juggle and the International Bottle Flipping Syndicate’s World Championship. Both programs are now streaming at

The World Juggling Federation & Combat Juggling
Moxie.Games has acquired all the World Juggling Federation programming and content dating back to 2004. This includes all their ESPN programs, convention videos, training camps, and more.