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Professional juggler, personal trainer to the stars, and founder, president and CEO of Moxie Games takes his love of food and fasting to the extremes by starving himself for several days at a time before eating some of the most fabulous and unhealthy food the world has to offer.

Part food show, part exercise and nutrition, part juggling, part food porn, part talk show, and part comedy – this show really needs to decide which demographic it’s trying to attract.

FAST FOOD | Las Vegas Featuring Jamie Stroud

  The SkillCon series of Fast Food episodes begins with Jamie Stroud and features Crown Bakery, Pinkbox Doughnuts, Pizza Rock, […]

FAST FOOD | Knafeh and Chris Clay in New York City

Burgers, fried turkey legs, knafeh and reubens in New York with special guest Chris Clay. Spoiler Links From The Episode: […]


Jason’s in Miami! Rich Purpura gives Jason’s nutrition and fat loss program a one week test run while Jason meets […]

FAST FOOD | Colombia

Pizza, doughnuts, more pizza, more doughnuts, ice cream, panda, and a trip to Colombia for a shrimp and avocado arepa […]