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Juggling Book

Juggling: Fundamental Exercises and Practice Structure (Book)

A new incarnation of the previous “Theory and Practice of Juggling” book, this revision includes exercise level tests to help you chart and document your progress. Closely integrated with the “Theory and Practice of Juggling” DVD and “Etudes for Juggling” DVD, this book also includes several topics not covered in the DVDs such as preparing for competition, the ethics of juggling, perspectives on what can be done with juggling and what meaning is made of it, and more.

Using the videos as your visual aids, this book does what no other written juggling instruction attempts. In this book there are NO diagrams for you to scratch your head at. Still images, even in succession, are confusing and often times misleading. Therefore we rely on the perfect video demonstrations from the DVDs while talking about the proven theory behind the exercises. With this book and the two instructional DVDs, you can keep yourself busy with juggling for a lifetime.

“This book is written to make you the best in the world… Read the book. Learn from it. Whatever you want to do with juggling, this book will help you do it better.” -Penn Jillette

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TAP video Image

The Theory & Practice of Juggling (Video)

Learning how to juggle properly requires the same kind of training and discipline found in other sports and arts such as gymnastics, classical music, tennis, golf, martial arts and dance just to name a few. The Theory and Practice of Juggling is the only juggling training available that applies to juggling the same effective and efficient training methods found in every other discipline. If you want to be the best, or just good enough for yourself, this training is the very first step you should take. There is no shortcut other than perfect training. You’ll find that inside.

“Jason has done it again! The lessons are fantastic, and will help anyone become a better juggler than they’d be without it.” – Jon Wee and Owen Morse, The Passing Zone

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etudes video image

Etudes for Juggling: The Next Three Years of Your Life (Video)

There are endless possibilities with juggling. The instruction in these lessons prepares you with the skills you’ll need to tackle any move. Mastering siteswaps, 360s, 180s, and throws that go over, around and through your body is what you’ll learn in the over 4.5 hours of training in this video series that took over two years to produce. This is the master class that was previously only available at live WJF workshops.

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