Travel Buddies

Avatar Jason Garfield | October 27, 2021 1 Like

Travel Buddies? Traveling with Fun and Functional Items

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I’ve discovered the world of collapsible everything and it’s life changing! These products are must-haves whether you’re camping, flying, sailing or living in an insanely tiny apartment with barely any storage. I’ve used all of these for every activity stated, I love it and you will too!

Portable Telescopic Stool with Mobile Charger

Need I say more? It’s so compact! It’s great for camping, gardening, fishing and laundromats with no available seating. It’s a 2-in-1 with a charger so if you need a break from gardening just plug your phone in and play a few rounds of Candy Crush.

Telescopic Stool with Charger

Collapsible Electric Kettle

This is for all you traveling tea lovers that are stuck staring at that crappy coffee maker in the hotel rooms. It also makes a great frisbie or juggling prop. Ever try juggling (warning: don’t do it) three of these filled with hot water? Of course not! It’s only for professionals like me. DO NOT TRY AT HOME OR ANYWHERE. Leave it to me.

Foldable Travel Electric Kettle

Laundry Bag Backpack

This is great even if you’re not traveling! I’ve seen folks walking down streets awkwardly carrying their laundry baskets, struggling to cross streets, getting tired and eventually collapsing with laundry all over the sidewalk. Now, if your intent is to become a real life ROM-COM movie character, then I don’t recommend this bag. If you just didn’t know how easy it is to put stinky clothes into a bag that you carry on your back then you can thank me by clicking on the links. You’re welcome!

Laundry Bag Backpack