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Moxie.Games is a video streaming service that brings you the best in outside-the-box sports. For one day on August 8th, 2017, ESPN turned ESPNU into ESPN8 “The Ocho” and featured the Moxie Games as well as many other “obscure sports from around the world”. Moxie.Games is your permanent “Ocho” channel. We’ve started with what we know best and have plans to expand to many other outside-the-box sports. Here’s what’s on now:

The Moxie Games
The two programs that aired on ESPNU on August 8th, 2017. Moxie Games Episode 1 featuring Headis, the World Juggling Federation, Venom Pool Trick Shots, Rock Paper Scissors, Sepak Takraw, and One on Five Dodge Juggle. Hosted by Penn Jillette. We also created a Dodge Juggle Special Edition program for ESPN, highlighting team Dodge Juggle and the International Bottle Flipping Syndicate’s World Championship. Both programs are now streaming at

The World Juggling Federation & Combat Juggling
Moxie.Games has acquired all the World Juggling Federation programming and content dating back to 2004. This includes all their ESPN programs, convention videos, training camps, and more.

Dodge Juggle 2017

Protect…Or get Served. Highlights from the 2017 Dodge Juggle Championships held at SkillCon in Las Vegas.

SkillCon Highlights

SkillCon and the Moxie Games! SkillCon is the event, the Moxie Games are the collection of competitions produced into programs […]

WJF 12 Overall Championship

From the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, the 2016 WJF’s 12th Advanced Overall Championship.

Dodge Juggle 2016

A Team Dodge Juggle Special Edition of the Moxie Games. Also featuring the International Bottle Flipping Syndicate’s World Championship