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When Jason Garfield isn’t running a multi-billion dollar sport juggling organization or the multi-billion dollar enterprise known as the Moxie Games – he finds introspection, enlightenment and fulfillment as a professional juggler, juggling activist and part-time action-juggling movie star. Look for him in upcoming celebrity laden episodes of Fast Food and the full length feature film – Dodge Juggle: The Movie.

Juggling Tae Bo Master

Alright, it’s time to use juggling to get in shape. From the creator of the bliss diss, the bliss remix, […]

Montréal 2000 Part 1

Jason Garfield’s 2000 Montreal IJA Competition Performance Part 1

Montréal 2000 Part 2

Jason Garfield’s Montreal 2000 IJA Competition Performance Part 2

Crotch Throw 360 World Record

Jason Garfield sets the “crotch throw while being spun in a circle” world record on April 14th, 2018. 44 throws […]