Jason Garfield Ultimate Lifestyle Handbook & Training Video

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If you don’t believe the life saving information contained within this PDF is worth ten one-dollar bills, I will give you a full refund no questions asked!

Exclusive for guests I’ve cruised with –

You Get: 

1. A 28-Page ultimate guide to Jason Garfield’s nutrition and exercise lifestyle that anyone can adopt to maximize the length and quality of their lives.

2. An instructional video on how to perform the most common exercises, using equipment found on a cruise ship and most gyms. Abs, legs, chest, back, and more!

PDF Description
The same nutrition plan that Penn Jillette used to lose over 100 pounds. The same nutrition plan that Piff the Magic Dragon used to lose a quick 30 pounds. High nutrition low calorie sources, recipes, supplements and equipment recommendations with links, and a unique opportunity to learn how to exercise properly and safely from Jason himself. A full 30 years of research, experimentation and development handed to you for only 10 bucks because you were lucky enough to see my show! This is the ultimate guide on how to maximize the length and quality of your life.


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